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Do you have what it takes? I didn’t think I did, but here I am 25 years later and find it hard to imagine ever working for someone else.

It took me about four years and four different jobs, including working for myself as a typesetter. I worked for a real estate sales magazine, selling a travel franchise and even making jewelry and selling it at craft fairs and boutiques.

But when I took over an existing travel franchise, I began to develop actual business acumen. That involved showing up five to six days a week, putting in long hours, brainstorming various methods of finding new clients and developing relationships with others who might have contacts that would need my travel services.

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You have made the best decision of your business career . . . so let’s get started! The first step is acknowledging you want to take control of your life and create a more stable environment for yourself and your family.

Everyone has the ability to own their own business, but few do because they have no direction. They don’t know where to start, how to run a business, what to do to bring in new business and many other challenging thoughts that keep them from taking the first step.

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