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Power Partners

Your Power Partners will be those businesses that supply your clients with services on a regular basis. Writer’s groups, Printers, Colleges and Human Resource Consultants will all be your target referral relationships.

The conversations with these Power Partners should indicate your willingness to include them as you become aware of companies that need their services. It is important that you meet with these Power Partners in person the first time, then keep in touch with them weekly through email or phone conversations.


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Income $40,000.00-$60,000.00

The range of income for the first year will depend on the type of editing jobs you pursue. If you gather lists of local authors who write an average of one book a year, and the average editor makes between $800 and $1,200 per book you can earn $40-60,000 a year by editing one book a week.


There is a wide range of client potential for data entry including manuscripts from authors, college students and professors, printers, and graphic designers. They expect rapid turn-around times and accurate work.


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