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Laid Off to Take Off

In 1985 I was called into the corporate office I had worked in since 1978. I was very excited because I had landed in the top 10 out of 300 national sales people for the fourth time. One year they awarded us with $10,000 tax free, once a trip to Mexico and the other was a week in Hawaii. I had been hoping for an upgraded car. The sales car dujour was a 4-door Chevy Impala. Even though it had power steering, it drove like a tank. I was all glittery-eyed of the Chevy Brougham which came with electric windows and seat adjustments. I had picked out the deep burgundy and had sat in one at the show room at least a dozen times.

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Finding My Way

It did take me about 6 years to find my footing. I tried many sales jobs and found it impossible to relate to a job. I knew that if I did well I would earn an adequate income and then some, but the disappointment I felt from the Fortune arena left me less than enthusiastic.

It wasn’t until I decided to buy the travel franchise that I became more centered on my ability to be involved. Being involved in my community gave me a sense of belonging and  a greater purpose than simply having a job.

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