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Cost of Business

You’d have to consider what your costs for plants, fertilizer, and packaging would be. How many acres would you need to make a sufficient income so you would be comfortable? You would also want  enough left over to put aside for investments, vacations and enjoying your life?

It seems as if painting a house would be a basic task, however, it does require a few basic skills. Are you physically capable of climbing a ladder? Can you physically endure scraping old paint?

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How about a delivery service? You will need reliable transportation. Who do you think would benefit from a delivery service? A list of prospects includes Lawyers, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Appraisers.

Farming is not as easy to predict your income or success. If you don’t have the land it is even more tricky. Since I was raised growing the fruits and vegetables which we consumed, this would be easy as far as the required knowledge. Yet, it would be difficult due to the amount of physical labor it would require.

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