I am available to speak to your organization. No matter what the makeup of your audience, I will adapt my speaking to suit your specific requirements.This program can be delivered as a keynote, training session or breakout session.

In this entertaining, thought-provoking, motivational keynote you will learn that opportunity does not knock once; it knocks all the time. Often we do not hear the sound because we are too concerned with survival!

This presentation will guide you to:

  • Reflect on your past experience and basic talents
  • Acknowledge your past success and build on that foundation
  • Develop new skills, habits and attitudes.

You will be motivated to:

  • Network more effectively,
  • Ask questions more thoughtfully,
  • Appreciate yourself more frequently,
  • Sell your value more effectively,
  • Recognize and live the traits of a top professional.

As a bonus! We guarantee you will have a more than a laugh or two along the way.

I have been speaking at organizations for the downsized since 1992. I love to inspire others to step up to the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur.

I was an employee until 1989, but always had a side business. I dealt with the worst of the corporate culture and the best of the small business boss and everything in between.

I have always enjoyed working, as long as I was learning and truly enjoy sharing the easiest ways of determining what type of business is best for each individual based on their personality and combined innate as well as learned skills.

When you surround yourself with other entrepreneurs, it’s the best of both worlds. You can learn from them and they from you.

I speak about once or twice a month at organizations where people who have been downsized are able to obtain job search resources.

Work to Future is one of the organizations and it  is based in the Silicon Valley which helps the unemployed stay aware of what jobs might be available, job fairs, resume techniques and many other resources.

When I speak at these organizations I provide a unique perspective to help the attendees get motivated and excited about their job search and just possibly, look at being an entrepreneur.

If you would like to hear my presentation, you can simply download it now!

Call me at 510 467-3405 to book Sharyn as your speaker

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