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I am the consumate entrepreneur! I started a graphic design business while working at a print shop and designed logos for companies in San Diego. I even designed the US Bank logo which they still use.

I was raised with a great work ethic, I enjoyed working and looked for things to do whenever I finished my work as an employee. I always had the entrepreneurial spirit, but was never brave enough to go it on my own full time until I was laid off by a fortune company i 1985. I still floundered for a few years but eventually stumbled upon a business that was perfect for my personality.

I began leading leads groups for various chambers, then was asked by some of the participants to lead an independent group in 1991. That was the beginning of Elite Leads which now has 15 groups and 250 members in the Bay Area in Northern California.

Most businesses have a tendency to lead us in multiple directions, and thanks to an amazing mentor, Ed Thorpe, I learned to get over my fear of public speaking, was challenged to write my first book, Mixing It Up! The Entrepreneur’s New Testament in 2000 and to teach others to overcome their challenges.

I love witnessing what happens to those who have been subjected to being laid off after they embrace becoming an entrepreneur; how they become bigger than life itself. Their level of confidence, sense of commitment to their community, how they engage with others, gain more free time for their family and friends and more often than not, how they make more money than they ever did as an employee.

This is what has driven me for the past 20 years, and I hope to hear your stories, you’re just one step away from the best adventure of your life!

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