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How To Transformation From Employee To Entrepreneur

I had written a post the other day about how challenging it is to go from being an organization employee to a full-time effective business proprietor.  The purpose of these posts is twofold:

Are you really sure you want to be an entrepreneur?

Have the best possible chance by preparing in improve.

The following activities are mostly risk-free (check with your organization and associate first though) and achieve the two factors described above.


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Do you have what it takes? I didn’t think I did, but here I am 25 years later and find it hard to imagine ever working for someone else.

It took me about four years and four different jobs, including working for myself as a typesetter. I worked for a real estate sales magazine, selling a travel franchise and even making jewelry and selling it at craft fairs and boutiques.

But when I took over an existing travel franchise, I began to develop actual business acumen. That involved showing up five to six days a week, putting in long hours, brainstorming various methods of finding new clients and developing relationships with others who might have contacts that would need my travel services.

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