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Start Up Requirements

“Location, location, location” was the mantra for business in the ‘80’s and maybe it still is for retail and restaurants, but I wouldn’t recommend either unless you have a great deal of experience and money to get you through the start-up phase. Less than one in thirty restaurants make it beyond the first two years. Investing in retail a store requires four times more than the average annual sales volume. Both types businesses require a seven day work week, employing minimum wage employees and they have the highest rate of employee theft of any business. What amazes me is that after knowing this, there are still so many people who risk everything they have to start these businesses.

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Next you’ll need to file with the Tax Collector’s office to submit your Business Registration information where it can be viewed by the public if you have a place of business where the general public will come to you.

Depending on the type of business you choose, you might have to verify with your Zoning Center to ensure that they will allow the type of business that you have chosen.

City: Licenses are also required. First there is a City Business License required by your city. You’ll need your Fictitious Business Name Filing from the County. They will require a fee of generally $35 a year for most home based businesses.

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