Do you have any talent that would ve valuable in the construction industry? Can you build a fence? Can you repair things that typically need fixing in your home, such as patching walls, staining decks, or replacing tile? You will need tools and if you don’t have them, you might know someone you can borrow them from.

Let’s use the statistics from Entrepreneur Magazine. They have found that the average national household annual income is $26,000 a year. That would be $2,166 a month, $541 a week or $13.54 an hour.

Could you make enough money walking dogs? If you live in a large metropolitan neighborhood where both husband and wife are working, what would it take for you to make an acceptable income?

If you have a dog, would you pay $15 a week to have someone walk your dog? Could you walk more than one dog an hour? Could you manage four dogs at a time? Four dogs an hour , eight hours a day, at $15 an hour is $480 a week or $1,720 a month.

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