Start Up Needs

Ink jet printers are made so well now that you can even do your own cards at home and you can make them look professional.

It helps if you use a business name, rather than your own name. It elevates the impression of your professional capabilities. Think of a business name that really says what you do.

A close friend of mine named his business “Affordable Payroll”. There’s no doubt what his business is about and it tells everyone that it’s a reasonable service.

Riley Design is a packaging and branding design firm. Using the last name of the founder of their firm is logical because Mr. Riley has a great reputation for his design work.

Your marketing plan should include becoming active in organizations that can refer you business. The owner of Affordable Payroll is a member of nearly every chamber within thirty miles of his business. He actively participates in several leads groups, is on the board of directors of a credit union, human resource groups, and non-profit organizations. His staff produces the payroll and this allows him to spend more time than average towards his marketing efforts.

Mr. Postcard produces four-color postcards. Put it in Writing produces newsletters.

If you want to be remembered, create a memorable name. Keep it short and to the point, but make it catchy.

Once you have your business cards, you’ll need to develop a marketing plan. Until you have enough business that will support you, you’ll need to dedicate 25% of your time and resources in marketing your business.

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