Start Up

One client hired a professional ecommerce firm. The campaign the firm designed increased their client’s traffic for an event threefold.

When you start your business, it is best if you devote 50% of your time towards creating a presence in your business community. Then track what efforts give you the best results.

I am not a proponent of spending weeks and months creating a business plan. Your plan for business is getting clients. Period.

You’ll know when it’s time to develop a business plan. Usually when you decide to expand, then you put your plan to paper, but your priority for now is bringing money in to cover your lifestyle.

The most important strategy you can possibly develop is to build relationships with Power Partners. These are your strategic alliances. I’ll cover more about each type of relationship as we get to the specifics of each type of business.

What hours are you going to work? What makes you comfortable? Remember, this is the time in your life that you can do anything, any way you want.

Since you are your own boss, you can work any hours you choose!

One thing I would like to caution you about is keeping your perspective. Keep in mind that your family and friends might not share your enthusiasm. It’s not because they don’t want you to succeed, but because they have a tendency to voice their own fears as to whether they believe they could start a business and be successful.

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