Starting Your Business

Whatever business you decide to tackle, you can begin with nearly no outlay of cash. This is especially true if your choice of business, involves previous experience.

If you choose a business that requires a computer, you can rent a computer or use one at your local library. One hypnotherapist I know creates her own postcards to announce workshops, her monthly newsletter and flyers, all on library computers. It might be inconvenient, but until you can afford to rent or buy your own equipment, it can be done.

I’ve worked with several people who have made drastic changes in their careers when they’ve started their own business. A lot of people start the type of job that they do when they are just out of high school or college because they just fall into it. However, they never put any thought into whether they like the job or not. It’s just a means of support. So this is your biggest opportunity to do something that is perfect for you.

The first thing to do is make a list of where your potential clients are. Who is your competition? What do they do to get new clients? Evaluate other closely related businesses to see who is successful. What makes them successful? Is it their location? Is it the length of time they’ve been in business?

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