Cable/Phone Installation

Income $50,000-$150,000

The range of income for the first year will depend on how many clients you can establish and whether you want to act as a single entity or have several others doing the installations with you. Your income will be greatly increased by the number of people that work with you. Each should have a specific area of responsibility.


There are many types of cable installations that you will find, but the most obvious will be in new office complexes. Most telephone and cable companies outsource the cable installations.  You should approach the foreman of a new development and tell them that you’d like to bid on their cabling requirements.


Your clients will be new the building owners, clients who are moving into new locations, and hotels who are upgrading their stereo, telephone or entertainment systems.

Marketing Plan

You will market directly to contractors. Direct mail and email marketing plans will be very effective. Approach the foremen at the construction developments and stores that sell larger entertainment systems.


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