Data Entry


The range of income for the first year will depend on the type of data entry you choose to do. Years ago I took manuscripts and typeset them. I was paid an average of $6 per page. I type at a rate of 120 words per minute and was able to type about 4 to 6 pages an hour.

Another time I transcribed court reporter’s notes. They paid $2 per page and because the material was double-spaced I was able to type 10 pages an hour.


This is a typical business that is much like a job, but the income potential is twice what an employee would earn while accomplishing the same amount of work. There is a wide range of client potential for data entry including database entry, manuscripts for college students and professors, printers, as well as graphic designers. They expect rapid turn-around times and accurate work.


You will be providing services to colleges, publishers, printers, marketing consultants and even website designers. Typically capturing keystrokes is not a task that most creative industries will take on.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan is going to require you to develop strong relationships with each of your clients.  In nearly every community there are delivery services that will place flyers in realtor, title companies and mortgage broker offices. Although they are not known for working through bankers, it is possible that once you develop your relationship with them, they will add on any industry you choose.



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