The range of income for the first year will depend on the type of clients in which you specialize. The rule of thumb is that you should charge twice as much for the basket as you do for the items and basket. For example, if the basket contents cost $25, you should charge $50 and at $25 profit you would have to have sell 1,000 baskets a year, or 20 baskets a week to make $25,000.


The gift basket business has expanded a tremendous amount over the past few years. It will be your job to create unique gift baskets for your clients and then arrange for their delivery.


Your clients will include realtors, mortgage brokers, title companies and bankers.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan should include leads groups, as well as a plan to develop great relationships with your Power Partners. To promote your business you will need to identify publications that will gain you the level of response that will make it worthwhile.


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