Website Design

Income $50,000.00 – $200,000.00

The range of income for the first year will be dependent upon the type of clients you work with. There are entry-level clients, like entrepreneurs and larger clients such as restaurants, retail stores and manufacturers. The average entry level website is one to five pages and the cost ranges from $100 to $500. Larger more complicated websites start at $2500 and can be as much as $100,000.

The smaller websites can support your day-to-day expenses, since the larger client’s requirements will take 30-90 days to complete projects.

Hint: Especially with the larger clients, set up payment schedules (25% increments) prior to beginning their project and then stage incremental payments throughout the length of the work. This will be a big help towards making sure that you don’t end up putting in a lot of hours only to end up with a client who is a slow pay or doesn’t pay at all.


Almost every company out there has a necessity for a website. It’s their electronic brochure. It helps inform their clients about their product and/or services. Website design is not that difficult to learn, but it does require developing an expertise. When you browse the Internet you are able to view millions of websites; however which websites stick out in your mind? They are easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing to look at and provide valuable information to the viewer.

Less than 10% of all websites fall into these three categories. When you find websites, which are not easy to navigate, they will be an ideal prospect for you to approach.


Your clients will typically consist of entrepreneurs, especially those who own new businesses, as well as restaurants, retail stores and manufacturers. Typically any business that needs to appeal to his or her client base easily and effectively will have a need for your services.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan should be based upon targeting entrepreneurial service providers and start-up businesses. Join leads clubs in order to obtain personal introductions to individuals who might be able to use your services and to develop Power Partner Relationships. These personal introductions will provide you with much more rapid access to new clients.

Power Partners

Your Power Partners will be those who supply your clients with services on a regular basis. They will consist of Printers, Accounting firms, Photographers, Graphic Artists, Event Planners as well as, Public Relations and Marketing firms.

The conversations with these Power Partners should indicate your willingness to include them as you become aware of companies that might be in need of their services. It is important you meet with these Power Partners in person the first time, and then keep in touch with them weekly through email or phone conversations.


You will need to have excellent skills in project management, organization, a computer with the capacity for large files and to create a database, a tracking system and invoices. A professionally designed website is absolutely necessary and an outgoing personality is extremely important. You will also need to have reliable transportation.

You could also expand this to the point of finding the clients, managing other web designers and negotiating either finder’s fees for projects or a percentage of the project fees. This would give you unlimited income and minimize the need for you to do all of the design work yourself.

Personality Type: Analytical, Amiable, Driver

Total Start Up Costs: Less than $3500

(includes computer, business cards, website and phone)


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