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Use Your Personality

In 1990 I had purchased a travel franchise with a partner. I knew the numbers of what I could expect and it seemed like a reasonable direction to take.

What I learned was after the Gulf War in January 1991 destroyed the corporate travel industry was I enjoyed selling to people on my own terms. When I was selling for a corporation it truly felt like a job. I survived, barely and not very gracefully but it was the result of the situation that lead me to where and what I do today.

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Great Connections

I was interviewed today by Smile Henry on his business talk show, Friends and Fridays. We had a great time talking about the choices of those who have lost their jobs and are open to starting their own business.

I love it when people are open to making the changes in their lives so they never have to be subjected to loosing their jobs again or having their families exposed to the lose of income. It reeks havoc with families and many times it destroys the family’s sense of security.

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