Use Your Personality

In 1990 I had purchased a travel franchise with a partner. I knew the numbers of what I could expect and it seemed like a reasonable direction to take.

What I learned was after the Gulf War in January 1991 destroyed the corporate travel industry was I enjoyed selling to people on my own terms. When I was selling for a corporation it truly felt like a job. I survived, barely and not very gracefully but it was the result of the situation that lead me to where and what I do today.

I started bring people together for business development meetings, (, and learned how to do professional speaking, develop a great personality recognition sales personality and write and get 7 books published.

About 5 years after I started doing Elite Leads I took a personality and skills evaluation (The Ball Aptitude Test) and the results revealed what I was doing was the most perfect business for my personality. If I had tried to design a business for myself, it couldn’t have been more perfect. Elite Leads not only utilized my innate skills but helped me develop the skills which would escalate my expertise to a level I couldn’t have imagined.

Most people fall into a job and don’t think about whether it uses their innate skills or whether they could do something where they would be happy to work.

If you fall into that category, please take the time to reevaluate what you’re doing and what you might do if it was more ideal.


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