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Finding My Path

In 1991 I had a travel agency, during the first Gulf War no less. I had been selling the franchises and figured it would be a great way to build financial security for my future.

Boy was I wrong! The travel industry allows a 10% profit margin which the overhead has to be taken from those proceeds. My overhead was $8,500 a month with five employees and a partner. It was more than gruesome.

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Finding Passion in Your Work

I was at an event on Saturday and I met a minister who works in the Mission in San Francisco. He’s created three homes for men who have been incarcerated and are no out on the streets.

Years ago I heard a CD from Bill Campbell who was with the Boston Red Sox. He started a ministry and goes to prisons all over the country. He said that he found that 90% of all men in prison “hate” their fathers.

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