Finding My Path

In 1991 I had a travel agency, during the first Gulf War no less. I had been selling the franchises and figured it would be a great way to build financial security for my future.

Boy was I wrong! The travel industry allows a 10% profit margin which the overhead has to be taken from those proceeds. My overhead was $8,500 a month with five employees and a partner. It was more than gruesome.

The I fell into what I am doing today. I was asked to help at a local chamber and run a leads group. Six months later a group of four people asked me to start an independent group and that’s how I started Elite Leads. That was in November 1991.

I now have 15 groups around the Bay Area and I have created three educational courses. I learned how to do professional speaking in 1992 because my mentor insisted on my getting out there.

I published my first book in 2000 and now have seven books. I teach others how to get their books published and how to speak in the business community.

I love what I do and always look to see what I can do to improve my business. I can’t imagine ever going back to being an employee.

The harder I work the more I make. The more I make the more I can contribute to the programs I support.

Being an entrepreneur is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever managed to do.


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