Work Should Not be Hard

I have never had a job I didn’t enjoy. I have never been bored on a job. I have never felt the burden of working somewhere that was unbearable.

It’s true I quit working at many companies prior to any of that happening, so I escaped the torments of having to work somewhere I didn’t want to be.

I know that is unusual so I’ve always appreciated the fortune of my work history. And believe me it has been extensive. I started working when I was 12. I babysat four kids, twins 5, and two boys 7 and 9, for a week at a time. It’s had to believe I was capable of staying in their house alone and managed to get them to school everyday, fix their dinner, help them with their homework and repeat the process once a month for two years. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I was a waitress, a typesetter, I delivered graphics in San Diego and did court transcribing, graphic design, sales, placement, and a few other jobs along the way.

I typically had great bosses with few exceptions. I learned as much as I could from every job I ever had. And what always amazed me was how I was always paid for doing jobs I enjoyed and for all the people I met who helped me along the way.


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