The Future

Can you see yourself in twenty years? Are you happy with your life? Have you been doing what you’re you’re passionate about? Can you honestly say you have as much energy on Friday afternoon as any other day of the week?

We always have choices in how we spend our lives but most people fall into a job or career and never think twice about spending the rest of their lives doing exactly the same thing.

Even if they hate their jobs or careers.

I spent 20 years in the printing industry and while it treated me very well in the education it provided and the level of income I was able to achieve once I went out on my own, using what I had learned, it was never a passion, but simply a job.

When I sold franchises, I became as adept at that job as I always had with every printing job I had. But again, it was passion driven and I was beginning to feel the effects of forcing myself to just do the job and get by.

It wasn’t until I stumbled into Elite Leads that I found passion in what I do for for my living. I couldn’t have designed anything more perfect for myself than organizing entrepreneurs, speaking and writing my books. It has provided me the venue to continue learning and share what I learn.

Whatever you are passionate about, please take the time to pursue it. Do not spend another year just getting by with your income or doing a job you don’t care about.


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