Getting Laid Off

We are still experiencing major layoffs across the country. Even though we have added about 1.2 million jobs in the first quarter this year our unemployment rate is still 10%. Yet that doesn’t include the number of people who have run out of unemployment benefits.

If you’re reading this and you have recently lost your job, you might want to think twice about trying to get another job and having to experience this again and again. Besides, how often can your finances and your family survive such a drastic upheaval in your career.

I used to think being a entrepreneur was for a select few, I fought long and hard to avoid becoming one myself, always believing it was secure to have the regular paycheck. But when I got laid off in 1985 I realized there was nothing ever going to put me in that position ever again.

So take an inventory of your skills and start looking at the types of businesses you will be able to start. My book will help guide you to the right business and keep you from having to ever get back into the unemployment line.


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