Building Relationships

In 1995 I created a term called Power Partners. I trade marked the term in 1998. Imagine my surprise a few years later when I attended a trade show in Milpitas and one of the exhibitors asked me who my Power Partners were. It’s amazing to hear your own concept repeated to you.

What I discovered about Power Partner relationships was they were the best method of generating referral business.

One of my members in 2005 had developed a great business doing real estate investments for his clients. When he heard about the Power Partner concept he ran with it. For two years he met with no less than four Power Partners every week. His average was one in four would refer him business. After two years he had about 15-20 referrals every month and increased his income 500%. Imagine how much easier his business was. The great part about how David use the Power Partner system was he went from working 70 hours a week to 20 hours a week and he got 100% of his business by referral.

Everyone’s business statistics are different. But one of the greatest methods of increasing business no matter what the industry has consistently been in the use of the Power Partner relationships.

It is important to meet with your Power Partners at least every three months but never let a month go by without some form of contact.


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