Do What You Love

Even when you have your own business you find there are times you have to do chores that you don’t want to do. When you run your business properly you are able to outsource all the tasks you don’t enjoy doing.

I have asked my Elite Leads members to make a list of all the takes they have to do they don’t enjoy. Then list how much an hour each one costs. It is truly surprising when you look at what each thing like bookkeeping, tax preparation and filing, legal agreements, website design, telemarketing, blogging, marketing, creating a newsletter and so forth are worth in your billable hours.

There was a survey which revealed if you could hire out a service for $200 an hour or less,  you can’t afford to do the task yourself.

It’s more than difficult for entrepreneurs to let go of their tasks. I had a major challenge in hiring a telemarketing service to do my initial calls. It took me over a year of talking about it and having my management consultant pushing me towards hiring a telemarketing firm before I actually did it.

My first experience with outsourcing my telemarketing was what took me 10 hours a week, I was able to pay someone $100. Their results were half of what mine were, but I ended up with 12 people to follow up with who had already decided they were interested in finding out more about my business. Once I talked with them, the results were the same. I had 6 show up to the meetings and 3 joined.

They paid $500 each for becoming a member of my organization. The return on the $100 was $1,500. The 15 to 1 return made it obvious it was a perfect task to outsource.


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