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Life’s Work

I never could have imagined or created a business that was so well suited to my personality no matter how I might have tried. Elite Leads became every ounce what I could never have created even if I had known how.

When you discover the one thing that suits your personality, it will never be work. Everyday will be like your day off. You can’t wait to get started and and can’t imagine when the day is over.

Using your innate skills to earn your income makes your business second nature.

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Use Your Personality

In 1990 I had purchased a travel franchise with a partner. I knew the numbers of what I could expect and it seemed like a reasonable direction to take.

What I learned was after the Gulf War in January 1991 destroyed the corporate travel industry was I enjoyed selling to people on my own terms. When I was selling for a corporation it truly felt like a job. I survived, barely and not very gracefully but it was the result of the situation that lead me to where and what I do today.

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