It seems now that every job was a natural progression towards the next set of skills I would need until I was I finally able to see that by working for myself I could control my income, my hours and with whom I did business.

I no longer find it acceptable to have people in my life who are angry about their work situation becaused their boss treats them poorly, they don’t make enough money to survive, they aren’t using their innate skills or they are just bored.

I choose with whom I do business. I surround myself with positive, intelligent and fun people. I even find it difficult to remember how miserable I was when I worked at the Fortune company. It truly seems like a story that I know very well, but it isn’t a part of who I am any longer.

Life is too short to spend your time in a job you don’t enjoy and to be with people who make you feel less than the perfect person that you are.

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