I grew up thinking that after high school, the only option I had was to get a job. So, that’s exactly what I did. Actually it was just one more job in a long string of jobs I had had since I was twelve. I was amazed that all I had to do was merely show up at these jobs and they would give me money for performing tasks which I had to do at home for free.

As I mastered each aspect of a job, I would get restless. I wanted to learn more. When I began in the printing industry, it was easy to find new and challenging tasks on the job. I was very fortunate that I usually worked for individuals who encouraged me and supported my quest for knowledge and master new things.

By the time I was twenty, I owned my first business. I was given an opportunity to design logos.One of my very first clients was US Bank. They paid me $1,500 to design the image they used for thirty years. They added a shield around the “US” a few years ago.

From the time I first started in the printing industry, I found that in order to live comfortably, it was necessary for me to have a side business doing either data input, or typesetting and design. It was not possible to get by on what my employers were able to affordto pay me.

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