So, where do you want to find yourself at 65? You might even think that you can’t control whether or not you’re in that 29% category. However, when you consider that more heart attacks happen on Monday morning than all of the other six days of the week combined, you have to appreciate that the stress of working at a job you don’t like is a serious contributing factor to whether or not you will live a longer and happier life.

So you think you don’t have the money that it takes to start a business? Have you ever heard about the immigrants that come to this country with $12 or $20 or $50 in their pocket? They earn enough money to bring the rest of their family to the US to live with them. So what’s the difference between them and you?

They don’t care how hard they have to work to accomplish their goal. They know that what they can accomplish here is far greater than any of the opportunities they had in their home country.

I met a landscape worker, Jose, who was working for a large company. The company takes on contracts for large apartment buildings and hires immigrants to mow lawns, clean swimming pools, trim trees and clean up excess debris. They pay the employees $8 an hour and they have to work ten hours a day, six days a week. Jose made enough money to send back to Mexico to keep his wife and five children clothed and keep them more comfortable than anything he could do in Mexico while living there.

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