However, he is only able to see his family once a year for a week. What kind of family life is that? I told him I would make him business cards and a little flyer he could distribute to local neighborhoods on Sundays in order to obtain a couple of clients of his own. He could earn as much as $50 an hour. Six clients on a Sunday would generate $300, where working ten hours a day, six days a week for $8 is only $480. After the standard deductions he takes home about $280.

It might take him a few months to locate six clients, however as soon as he does, he can start working for himself full time and bring his family to live with him here in this country.

Would you be willing to work seven days a week for a few months in order to get your finances within your control?

J.O.B.S. uncovers the step-by-step process that will help you discover a business you can start with a minimal investment and more often than not, you will be able to earn more than you have ever or could ever earn at your job. You can reduce your stress and live a much more fulfilling life.

It’s up to you to get started, now!


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