Finding My Way

It did take me about 6 years to find my footing. I tried many sales jobs and found it impossible to relate to a job. I knew that if I did well I would earn an adequate income and then some, but the disappointment I felt from the Fortune arena left me less than enthusiastic.

It wasn’t until I decided to buy the travel franchise that I became more centered on my ability to be involved. Being involved in my community gave me a sense of belonging and  a greater purpose than simply having a job.

I joined the local chambers, actually three of them, and participated in a few others. I began to build relationships with others in the chambers and looked forward to what each one would bring into my life.

Some were inspirational, others educational but most were indifferent to the needs of others. I stayed away from the later and focused on the first two types.

I listened too everything they had to say, followed their lead and asked as many questions as I could think of. I watched what they did and observed what made each one successful.

They gave me many lessons, but none as powerful as those who thought first of others and asked little for themselves. They were always more interested in what they could do to help others.


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