Helping Others

There were several people who asked me to teach them to do what I was doing. They were amazed at how easy I made it for them.

No one could have been more astonished than I was. For each person, the results were the same. When they met someone in person at an event where the attendees were professionals in a single industry, their contact to client ratios were reduced to half of what they had previously experienced.

Over a four year period I had begun to have my members who embraces my concept realize an amazing transformation. They increased their business revenue working less hours and began to choose the type of people they would work with. The beauty in knowing you’ll always have more than enough business is you no  longer have to work with people you don’t enjoy. Imagine how freeing that would be.

Then miraculously, several people were bringing guests with them to the meetings. They wanted their colleagues to experience the same level of success they were having.

The close ratio of having a member bring a guest was 33%, and I didn’t have to call them ahead of time. It was amazing, and I began to relax and have more fun.

But there was to be more to follow.


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