Sales skills transfer to all businesses and are generally misinterpreted by those who are not in sales. The average sales person knows that the sales process is nothing more than explaining to someone what the benefit is of using one product or service over another. A good sales person knows how to cost justify the product or service. They also might understand how each specific personality type that are selling to will benefit from the transaction.

For example, if your prospect is a Driver (refer to the Sales Skills in Chapter 11) personality type and your product or service can save time or increase their profits, that is what you would focus on. You wouldn’t focus on how easy it is to use, that would only appeal to the Amiable prospect. You wouldn’t tell an Expressive Personality information that is logical, they need to hear how how doing business with you will make their life better or more fun. The Analytical personality immediately feels more comfortable when they  understand the logic in making the decision.

The fact is, everyone has to sell nearly every day. If you want to go out to dinner and your spouse wants to go to a movie, one of you has to sell the idea to the other. It’s the purist form of sales, merely presenting a better reason to do one thing over another.

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