This is where the fun begins! Have you ever thought about why your job is stressful? Do you have to spend an hour a day getting there in heavy-duty traffic? Does it take eleven hours out of your day to get through an eight-hour work day? What that boils down to is starting your day with the maximum level of stress, and spending 50% of your 24-hour day managing a job so that financially you can just get by. Who wouldn’t be stressed?

Let’s think about what you do like about your job? If you could choose specific tasks, would they be:·

  • Typing
  • ·Filing
  • Sales
  • Maintaining clients
  • Marketing
  • Copying
  • Customer service
  • Managing others
  • Solving problems
  • Lunch

If it’s lunch, you really do need to bail, now! But let’s say that you like working with customers, solving their problems and turning them into satisfied customers. You enjoy the problem solving process and look forward to working with a lot of people daily.

That opens up a number of businesses that you can start. Most businesses require customer service and where there are customers, there are going to be problems.

If you like managing people and that’s what you get the most enjoyment out of, then you want to consider a business which will have you managing several people. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to have employees, but you might find that you will be collaborating with several contractors.

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