Income $40,000-$100,000

The range of income for the first year will be dependent on how many clients you obtain and how much money you’re able to save them. As an example, a client is paying $20,000 for their office space,  $3,000 for their phone and $2,500 in office supplies. One source for savings is ink jet cartridges.

Worst case scenario you would be able to save them $10% a month and your fee would be 5%. Their total office costs are $25,500 and 5% is $1,275. Now you can figure out how many clients you’ll need to attain the income that you desire.


You can work with any type, any size business. However, you’ll have better responses from small (less than 50 employees) to medium size (from 50-150 employees) businesses. Companies that are growing rapidly have a more difficult time consistently staying on top of their expenses. They usually won’t have a full time person in accounting until they reach at least 100 employees, so auditing won’t come across their radar.

You’ll find details about cost-savings concepts by researching them on the Internet. Typically companies will pay $30 for a cartridge, but the average price through sources at this cost savings website start at $1.65 with the most expensive being $10.


Keep in mind that it is typical to talk with an average of 20 prospects in order to attain one client.

Look for companies that have multiple departments, such as sales, service, customer relations, marketing and public relations. Consider that when there are several different departments that have their own specific goals, details get lost in the process. That’s why it will be easier for you to identify areas where they will be able to save on their expenses.


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