Mail Processing


The range of income for the first year will depend on the size of the buildings and companies with whom you work. The larger they are, the easier it will be for you to build a consistent client base. One of the perks of a mail delivery service is that you won’t have to have a storefront location; this will help you keep your overhead costs down.


You will need to set up mail receiving system. You will be sort and deliver the mail for each client. You might choose to start out with new office complexes. A lot of companies don’t have mailrooms, so you will act as their outsourced mailroom. Your fee schedule for mail processing should be based at slightly less than they would pay for a full time employee.


Your clients will mostly consist of larger businesses. Your focus should be directed towards developing a close radius you’ll be able to cover easily. Then slowly expand so that you can pace your growth.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan should be directed towards the larger companies as they’re moving into new buildings.


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