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I asked one of the members to meet me for coffee one Friday morning and he showed up with a stack of business cards. He offered me to weed through them and see if there was anyone that would be appropriate to invite to Elite Leads.

I had about 20 cards I was able to call on Monday and out of those 20 dials I talked with ten people but eight were interested in attending as a guest and four joined the first time they showed up. That meant I could do half the number of calls and get the same results.

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Face 2 Face

I had been attending chamber events for about two years by then but the results weren’t very promising. Most of the people I met at those events didn’t have a marketing budget, business plan or ever knew how many clients they had or needed to be profitable.

I was invited to attend a management consultants group in Oakland one day and was taken aback when more than half of the attendees asked if they could attend one of my groups. Four of the six attended joined on the spot. The numbers were amazing.

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