Life’s Work

I never could have imagined or created a business that was so well suited to my personality no matter how I might have tried. Elite Leads became every ounce what I could never have created even if I had known how.

When you discover the one thing that suits your personality, it will never be work. Everyday will be like your day off. You can’t wait to get started and and can’t imagine when the day is over.

Using your innate skills to earn your income makes your business second nature.

The only thing questionable is whether you have the discipline to stick with the schedule and not let everyday life interfere with your business.

I always tell my Elite Leads members 50% of your time has to be spent doing revenue generating activity until you have more than enough business and more than enough cash flow. Then and only then can you begin to eliminate clients who are not profitable and replace them with more ideal clients. You’ll also be able to reduce your marketing time to 35% and spend more time reinforcing business relationships with those who refer you business on a regular basis.


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